About us


Already at a very early age, I got the passion for everything that concerns old vehicles and old engines. After a long time of working on classic cars, I noticed a shortage of some services on the spare parts market. In the second part of this page you can read why this website was founded.


MRC-technics vision

We have several years of experience with classic cars on which the Bosch K-jetronic injection system is mounted. During the diagnosis of the injection system and the search for (revision) parts, we noticed that there are not many locations in Europe that offer these parts or a revision service. From this, the idea arose to establish one place where you can find everything related to the Bosch K-jetronic systems. Later we want to expand the range so that also everything related to the KE-jetronic system will be available. 

The revision kits are fully developed in-house so that the highest quality can be guaranteed. We do our very best to take into account both originality (think of yellow zinc plated screws) and the latest technologies and materials, think of new seal materials so that they can withstand the influences of ethanol containing fuels.

We are working hard to expand our product range so that as many as possible parts will be available. If there is something that is not offered yet, do not hesitate to contact us! We will look for the right parts together and if necessary, we will develop and produce them ourselves. 

For the overhaulable components, we offer both an overhaul kit with comprehensive instructions and an overhaul service where we overhaul and tune the components for you.

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